We realize that history probably doesn’t factor into where you buy your tile, but we’ve been at this a long time. A long time. Like, more than a century. (The last four decades under the current owner.)

We’ve been around almost as long as the subway tile.

Why should that mean something to you? Because a lot can happen in a hundred years. And it has. We’ve had a hand in the construction of decadent pre-war bathrooms—impossibly tall ceilings, walls as thick as mature tree trunks, eccentric plaster ornamentation, and lavish tile underlining it all—and in upgrading kitchens to the modern-farmhouse ideal—shaker cabinets, exposed ceiling beams, a gourmet-grade oven, and, of course, that irresistible subway tile.

In between, we’ve intervened in countless renovations-gone-awry. And helped facilitate more forgettable trends than we care to remember.

At Brick City Tile we’ve been witness to remarkable innovation, both on the part of our customers and our manufacturers. Sure, tile itself has been around a really long time, but its recent history is fairly utilitarian. That started to shift several years back. As bold designers and ambitious DIYers grew more creative with their kitchens and bathrooms, the tile studios responded.

Today, the landscape is very different from any other point in our history. Imagination is driving the industry now. The palettes, materials, shapes, patterns, and textures, not to mention the uses, have never been as wide-ranging and diverse as they are at this very moment.

But there’s little point in showing you what’s possible if we can’t help you figure out how to pull it off—which is where that deep history of ours enters into the equation. There’s no design, no challenge that you can present us with that we can’t resolve.

And if either of those aspects aren’t selling points, consider our 45,000-square foot warehouse. What that is, basically, is a guarantee that once you find your ideal tile, we’ll be sending it to you moments later. Staying power and the promise of immediate gratification—that right there is a home builder, designer, and owner’s fantasy come to life.

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