Why Should Your Business Participate?

  • Drive more business to your location
  • Cards can only be used at participating locations
  • No special technology required to participate (must accept MasterCard and be able to key in a transaction like a phone order into your POS)
  • No invoicing or administration to get paid. Funds are automatically paid via your usual Mastercard processor (minus their typical fee).

Who will use/buy these gift cards?

We are pitching the gift cards to be bought as gifts for the corporate community to infuse more dollars into the local economy. Gift Cards can be bought by the public as well.

Who can participate?

All businesses with a physical storefront in the City of Newark that accept Mastercard can participate. There is no cost to participate  (fees waived through end of 2022 thanks to Prudential). We currently have 80+ participating businesses!  Join us!!

How to become a Participating Business?

To become a participating business, fill out our short google form. Once your business has applied, we’ll contact you with additional information and how to activate your account with your POS system.

Want to Join?

The fee to participate has been waived through the end of 2022 thanks to Prudential. Simply fill out our short google form, and we’ll have someone get back in touch with you quickly.


There is no deadline to participate… you can be added into the program on a rolling basis.

Process it as a credit card (not debit or gift card) and key in the transaction like a phone order. Mastercard will validate. Do not go over the value of the card or the transaction will be declined. If this happens, start over and charge equal or less than the card value.

Run the Gift Card for the remaining balance on the card, and ask the customer for a different form of payment to cover the rest of the transaction.

The transaction is declined if you try to redeem more than the value of the card, or if any of the redemption information is mis-typed. Start the transaction over with the correct value and info.

No. It can be redeemed for the full value. We do NOT recommend allowing tipping on the card because it is a prepaid card.

No. They can only be redeemed at participating locations.

The store is paid the full value of the card, less your normal card-not-present Mastercard fee.

Yes. They are multi-use and the current balance and expiration date are always reflected on the digital voucher. Recipients receive monthly reminders to redeem.

Yes. Refunds can be applied to a valid (unexpired) card just as you would to a credit card.



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