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The Santiago Wellness Center is currently celebrating the 75th year anniversary. Dr Joseph Santiago founded the practice and Dr. Vivian Santiago joined the practice when they married. Recognizing how dedicated and effective their parents were in helping people, three of their children joined them in the practice, Drs. Joanne, Philip and James Santiago. Dr. James Santiago remains today in the Newark office to carry on the family tradition.

Dr. Joseph Santiago's parents emigrated from Spain and settled in Pennsylvania. Shortly after the great depression hit in 1929, Dr. Joseph became injured and his sister brought him to a prominent Chiropractic doctor in the area who treated and cured him. Dr. Joseph was so intrigued by the doctor's abilities and success that Joseph would return and observe the doctor work. The doctor noticed that Joseph had a natural gift in helping people and advised Joseph to enroll in Logan Chiropractic College in Saint Louis, Missouri ; Dr. Joseph later graduated in 1939. As World War II broke out Dr. Joseph enlisted in the war and was teaching soldiers emergency medicine. The army needed qualified medical personal for the beach invasion of Guam and Dr. Joseph was sent. He was recognized for his medical ability on the battlefield. For the duration of the war he was in the medical and ranger units throughout the Pacific. After the war in 1945 he returned to the Chiropractic College in St Louis to teach and to take advance courses. In St. Louis he met Dr. Vivian, who was attending the same college at that time.

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